The Alternative Securities Market (ASeM) is a specialized board of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) for emerging businesses with high growth potential. ASeM provides smaller companies the opportunity to access the capital market and raise long-term capital through more flexible listing rules and requirements. There are no limits to the amount of capital your company can raise on ASeM, as long as it is in line with other regulatory requirements, such as those of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

There are 12 sectors featured on this board as follows: Agriculture, Construction/ Real Estate, Consumer goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial goods, Information & Communications Technology, Natural Resources, Oil & Gas, Services, Utilities and Conglomerates It is a compulsory requirement for all companies listed on ASeM to have a Designated Adviser (DA). MorganCapital has been accredited as a Designated Adviser to the ASeM Board.
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